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About the Program

The era of 21st century  is the most advanced time line that humanity has ever experienced of . Many brilliant brains has invested their time to make this happen in all its profundity of science & technology. Further more there are many enthusiastic people those who are taking this century to the next possible level of advancement.

Like the living legend Mr. Elon Musk is working on to make space travel easy & affordable  for every human being without any technological & other discriminatory background.

IASTTP is an innovative research program initiated by AATWRI-Group to make the Sapce-Time Travel possible. India is also heading towards of astronomical exploration by using Reusable Launching Vehicle & also many others. In this program we are going to setup facility for the people so that we could prepare to take beyond the skies.

Facility for Space Walk simulation is to provide actual experience of space Walk, so that the astronauts get used to the zero gravity zone.

G force testing & Simulation lab is for the astronauts to experience the G-force during launch & High Acceleration maneuvers  in the space crafts.