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                       AATWRI is an establishment of 2018 & the only Aerospace & Defence company in Odisha & more specifically in the eastern region of India, the initiative approach of the organization to carry forward the publicly unknown research program like some Unfinished work of well known scientist like Nikola Tesla &  T. T. Brown. Initially throughout the year of 2018 AATWRI worked with many conspiracy theories on aerospace field including ancient science of aeronautics to the Die-Glocke experimental analysis with EM Applications with super capacitive impulse reaction & propulsion method.

Departments with our well published SOP Manual are making wonders, our director's vision is to invent a technology to replace the rocket & space craft for space exploration, which technically named as Electro-Gravitics or Anti-gravity.    

The developed culture for transfer of information & operation is unique & different from any other organisation. The structure of the organisation made very deliberately so that a new person can also adopt the culture of the organisation.


In AATWRI we have different project houses to run different programs of Aerospace like SOA (Space Observation & Analysis), ARDS (Aeronautical Research & development Society), MITRA (Microbial Institute of Technical Research in Astrobiology), ANSER (Academy of Nuclear science & Educational Research) & AORA (All Odisha Robotics Association).


We have also started a program for the students & the scholars to provide them training & internships in our all project houses. The program is named as Students Training & Advanced Learning Program in which we have fabricated few processes of filtration so that we can address to the deserved talents. There are multi-level & unique way of selection which will create a problem solving & innovative Imagineering personality within the candidate.

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National Science Day 2018

Celebrated in association with Regional Science Center Bhubaneswar. In this conference we have exhibited self produced flying machines like quadcopters & quadcopters which has created a learning atmosphere for the participants.


World UFO Day

We have conducted india's first ever  WORLD UFO DAY conference in order to encourage the students to more aware about the extra-terrestrial life on this planet.


MSY Aero-Texpo 2020

Aero Texpo conducted by SOA university in the campus of ITER college of engineering in bhubaneswar, collaboration with My Start-up Yatra an enthusiastic team made by Mr. Priyadarshi sarangi.

Students Training & Advanced Learning Program


Basic Research Programs

Basic Astronomy
Airbus A320 Technical Classes
Ancient Science of Aeronautics
Modern Physics & Radio Astronomy
Basic Aeronautics & Aero-propulsion
Fundamentals of Astronautics & Space propulsion

Advanced Research Programs


Vocational Training & Research Program


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