about us

AATWRI is an independent research organisation working in the field of Aerospace & Defence for renewable & sustainable power source development.

AATWRI has been established by Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera, an inspirational personality with innovative technological ideas. Mr. AKB has designed various patterns of operation starting from R&D, product development, Analysis, Trainings & Market strategy. Departments with our well published SOP Manual are making wonders, our director's vision is to invent a technology to replace the rocket & space craft for space exploration, which technically named as Electro-Gravitics or Anti-gravity.    


The developed culture for transfer of information & operation is unique & different from any other organisation.n. The structure of the organisation made very deliberately so that a new person can also adopt the culture of the organisation.


In AATWRI we have different project houses to run different programs of Aerospace like SOA (Space Observation & Analysis), ARDS (Aeronautical Research & development Society), MITRA (Microbial Institute of Technical Research in Astrobiology), ANSER (Academy of Nuclear science & Educational Research) & AORA (All Odisha Robotics Association).


We have also started a program for the students & the scholars to provide them training & internships in our all project houses. The program is named as Students Training & Advanced Learning Program in which we have fabricated few processes of filtration so that we can address to the deserved talents. There are multi-level & unique way of selection which will create a problem solving & innovative Imagineering personality within the candidate.

National Science Day 2018

Celebrated in association with Regional Science Center Bhubaneswar. In this conference we have exhibited self produced flying machines like quadcopters & quadcopters which has created a learning atmosphere for the participants.

World UFO Day

We have conducted india's first ever  WORLD UFO DAY conference in order to encourage the students to more aware about the extra-terrestrial life on this planet.

MSY Aero-Texpo 2020

Aero Texpo conducted by SOA university in the campus of ITER college of engineering in bhubaneswar, collaboration with My Start-up Yatra an enthusiastic team made by Mr. Priyadarshi sarangi.

Students Training & Advanced Learning Program


Basic Research Programs

Basic Astronomy
Airbus A320 Technical Classes
Ancient Science of Aeronautics
Modern Physics & Radio Astronomy
Basic Aeronautics & Aero-propulsion
Fundamentals of Astronautics & Space propulsion

Advanced Research Programs


Vocational Training & Research Program